What you can do with a hypnotherapy qualification?

At Indigo Training, we offer a range of hypnotherapy courses. We believe in providing enough study time so you get the full benefit from the training we offer. But it is not unfair to ask- what can you do with a hypnotherapy qualification?


Offering better therapy

You may already have a qualification in a specific form of therapy, or already be a qualified therapist. For decades now, hypnotherapy has been proven to be an excellent complement to other forms. Essentially it is about understanding clients on a deeper level, and that could prove crucial when it comes to achieving long term progress.


Offering an alternative

Some people can be hesitant to open a private practise, as they fear that they don’t stand out amongst the competition. Hypnotherapy allows you to have a different niche, as well as offering hope to people who may not necessarily open up to more traditional forms of therapy (such as senior citizens or people who served in the military).


It can be personally beneficial

A classic quote in the Bible says “Physician, heal thyself.” Many people who have studied hypnotherapy that as well as providing comfort for their clients it has also helped them through their own personal issues. This can often be reassuring, especially for people who may initially be hesitant, as you can outline the benefits that you have experienced for yourself.


Work with other professionals

Increasingly, more medical professionals are forming networks, referring to each other to provide benefits. For example, a person trying to quit smoking may use meditation to help stay relaxed and focused without the need to smoke. This in turn may also be complemented by hypnotherapy, helping to clear the mind. Reduced stress has also been proven to reduce the risk of more serious conditions such as strokes and cardiovascular illnesses, as well as helping to tackle conditions such as eczema or IBS.


Learn with us

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