Hypnotherapy and men’s mental health

According to statistics by the Samaritans, there were 6213 suicides in the UK and the Republic of Ireland, with men three times more likely to commit suicide in the UK and four times more likely in the Republic of Ireland. While this is also the lowest rate in thirty years, it is still an alarmingly high figure and highlights the challenge of tackling mental health issues in men and something that needs to be addressed.



Why this is important?


Another statistic that was reported via Mental Health.org is that in 2013 there were 8.2 million cases of anxiety reported, with women twice as likely to be diagnosed as men. One possible explanation is that men generally tend to find it harder to admit they have issues, and a culture of “toughing it out” still remains, though gradually this is changing as more people become aware of mental health issues. For example, in the past Premier League footballers would only ask for help with mental health issues after they retired, while increasingly more of them are contacting helplines during their playing career.


How hypnotherapy can help


At this point, it is reasonable ask “What does this have to do with hypnotherapy?”


A big issue is not asking for help, or not pinpointing issues. Men are more likely to blame work for stress related issues as opposed to women, and often this is due to the working environment. Being able to open up and discuss these issues is not only crucial but could be potentially life-saving.


The problem is that there is a damaging cycle at work here- A boss under pressure is more likely to pass down this frustration by putting pressure on their team. This in turn may mean that the person under pressure struggles to cope, turning to negative coping mechanisms such as alcoholism, gambling addiction or issues with overeating. There is also the danger that they may end up abusing those around them.


This cycle needs to be broken, and it is important that there are people who in place that can help people open up.


Why we need more male hypnotherapists?


Hypnotherapy can work as an addition to other forms of treatment, such as meditation, personal training or other forms of therapy. However, it is important that the person seeking help feels they can open up.


This is why it is important that we have more male hypnotherapists and people offering this kind of treatment. People need to be able to open up, and in some cases it may be necessary for someone that a client can relate to.


Our courses offer hours of training that can give people the tools they need in order to reach out and help people. It can allow people to be assured that the person they are talking to can give them the support they need.


With our upcoming course in Peterborough this April, we will be able to go over what you need to be prepared for, to guide people through difficult emotional problems. This is why we believe in offering more hours of study in order to provide a more comprehensive course and prepare people to run their own practices.



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