Breaking Bad Habits

Break bad habits with hypnotherapy


There are a number of bad habits people have that can be difficult to break. Whether it’s comfort eating, smoking or excessive drinking, these are things that people often try to deal with but may find it hard to do so on their own. This is where hypnotherapy can come in to get at the root of why people have bad habits in order to overcome them.


The reason why


Bad habits can often come from a need to relax. For example, people may bite their nails when they’re stressed, or associate drinking or cigarettes with switching off at the end of the day. There can also be emotional reasons behind it- a person who pulls at their hair may do it because they subconsciously want to regain control or as an act of self-punishment due to some form of unresolved guilt.


Overcoming them


Over time, bad habits can have a range of destructive consequences for a person such as loss of self-esteem, sleep deprivation, social anxiety or relationship difficulties. In order to break the vicious cycle, it is important to look at where the need for the bad habit comes from and if possible replace it with something that is more positive.


Using hypnosis


Unfortunately, it’s not as simple as putting someone in a trance and “curing” them. In order for a hypnotherapy treatment to work, the client themselves has to want to change, have a positive frame of mind (convinced that they can make the changes they need to) and will work with the tools and techniques that their hypnotherapist shows on a regular basis.


The therapist will use different techniques in order to help clients achieve their goals, but what it mainly comes down to is getting people into a relaxed state of mind, then using commands, visualisations, metaphors and over techniques in order to get them to focus on positive actions and overcoming their bad habits.


Helping you help others


At Indigo Training we offer a range of courses to help people develop the skills necessary to get the most from hypnotherapy. Whether it is an initial introduction through our free taster sessions or online course or through more tailored courses, we can give you the tools you need to help people break their vicious cycles and help them cope with stress and other emotional problems in a more positive way. For more information on the training we offer please contact us today.