Warning: I have no idea what I’m doing!

Welcome to my first ever personal blog and it’s true, I have no idea how to do this, so if you even get to read it I will be amazed.

When I decided to write a blog I thought it would be quite easy, just open my keyboard and type. But you know, I’ve always been quite a private person and have been careful about what I share in public, so maybe not quite as easy as I thought.

I can talk to you for hours about therapy, law of attraction, what’s going on with you, life in general and any number of other things but personal things, maybe not.

Don’t get me wrong I can and do talk about personal stuff. In fact I can either hold your attention or bore you stiff, depending on your perspective for hours, but putting it in a blog?

I am certain that many people who have started a blog sit there at their laptop wondering what to write, if anyone will be interested and if they can come up with enough content to keep going. But I guess until we try we won’t know.

I can guarantee one thing about my blog, it will wander off, meander down different paths and jump around, but that’s only fair, because that is what I do in life.

So why am I blogging now? Good question, and I guess at this point in time my life is focussed mainly around work and in particular my training school. It is a journey I started not that long ago, and pretty much everything has been a steep learning curve, so I figured that sharing my journey, the highs and lows might encourage others to live their dreams.

Why do I do what I do? That one’s quite simply really, because I can. Honestly I didn’t always believe that and I throughout my years of teaching for another organisation I was asked many times ‘Why don’t you do this for yourself?’. The answer was that I didn’t think I could, but this is one time I am glad I was wrong.

Although I had been getting less and less happy where I was, the real trigger to change was being diagnosed with lymphoma in May 2016. I will blog about this at a later date, but suffice to say, chemo and all the vile things that go with it, brings about changes within you that are far deeper and harder hitting than perhaps you realise at the time.

I needed a change, I wanted a change, and I had realised that the only person who could do that was me. And so I did it, I jumped in with both feet with my fingers crossed that I wouldn’t sink.

Indigo is still growing but I have to say that it has given me a purpose, an outlet for my passion for teaching and is showing me every single day that I can still learn, and push myself to heights I had never believed possible.

Anyway, if you have questions, get in touch and I will answer them as best I can.

Karen x

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