It’s Ok to be OK

There are lots of posts out there saying that it is ‘Ok to not be ok’, and I totally support this.

There are times when we simply aren’t feeling it and we shouldn’t need to hide it, or pretend otherwise. Being ok with saying how you are feeling is a necessary part of making changes, so if you are not ok, then be open about it, we can all relate.

However, it is also ok to be ok!

Imagine you are sitting with a group of friends and they are all telling you that they are not ok. They tell you that they are having a hard time, or life is difficult, they feel down or just simply aren’t happy. Then in response you tell them that you are really happy, life is good, and everything is shaping up well.

Chances are you might be called tactless, told you are showing off or being thoughtless to be telling others how good everything is for you. I’ve certainly seen people be frowned at for making a similar comment!

I have seen this happen and been told similar tales by other people, where people are made to feel bad about feeling good.

From a personal perspective, I have been told more than once that ‘It’s ok for you, you’ve got a successful business’, and ‘It’s ok for you, you’re lucky’. It is funny though how the harder I worked the luckier I got. Where I am today, did not just fall into my lap, I can assure you.

It is of course ok, not to be ok, but it is also ok to be good, great, fantastic or bloody awesome and you don’t need to not be you because of other people.

As they say, you can’t be poor enough to help the poor, sad enough to help those who are sad or ill enough to help others who are ill.

Instead of ‘it’s ok not to be ok’, maybe we can go with ‘it’s ok to feel how you feel’.

It is great if you can and do support those who are struggling, but not at the cost of your own physical or mental health.

Maybe a little controversial but I have been through some very tough and even quite hellish times in my life and I am very proud that I have sought the help I needed, worked through stuff and become the person I am.

Everyone is on their own journey, but if you are happy, then be happy, never pull your energy down for someone else. You have one life and you need to live it in the best way you can, for you.

Karen xx

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