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Foundation Level - 200 hours

  1. Human psychology, basic anatomy and physiology, brain waves, depth of trance, the history of hypnotherapy.

  2. Understanding self, belief system, confidence, self esteem, insecurity.

  3. Contraindications, mental health, counselling skills, the initial consultation and running sessions.

  4. What is hypnosis? What is hypnotherapy? What hypnotherapy be used for, PMR’s and other inductions.

  5. Personality types, authenticity, the wheel of life.

  6. Counselling skills, treatment plans, suggestions and script writing.

  7. Personalising scripts, fears, phobias, habits, positive thinking. 

  8. Quit smoking. Self-reflection, setting own goals and future. 

  9. Weight, diet and nutrition, body image, introduction to eating disorders. 

  10. Stress. 

Throughout the course you will be expected to attend all classes, complete homework, practical work and to keep a portfolio of everything you do. 


Homework will be a combination of essays, question and answer assignments, reading, and research. You will also carry out practical work, where you practice your skills with friends, family members volunteers and those in your development group. 


Your portfolio is where you build your knowledge base. You will keep a note of the books and articles you have read, a list of the practical work you have carried out and the feedback given from those you practice with. 


You can add pretty much anything (relevant) to your portfolio, as it will demonstrate the level of effort you have put into the course. 

If you want to improve you skills and knowledge through further training, visit our Upgrade Training page to find out more.

Our hypnotherapy course is fully accredited by the General Hypnotherapy Standards Council, with whom we are affiliated. 


The General Hypnotherapy Register is a Verifying Organisation (VO) of the Complementary and Natural Healthcare Council (CNHC, which is an Accredited Register of the Processional Standards Authority (PSA). The GHR verify to the CNHC that hypnotherapy practitioners and hypnotherapy training courses meet the required standards. 


Belonging to an accrediting body who hold a register means that you have attended a training school deemed to be training at a good standard. Being able to state this on your advertising offers members of the public the safety of knowing you are properly trained. 


April 28th  (Peterborough)

Our Main Teachers


Deputy Principal/Trainer

Hilary assists our Principal in running of Indigo, as well as being a trainer.

Tracey is an experienced therapist and trainer, has a background in nursing and social work, making her an important member of the Indigo team.

Liz is one of our trainers and our resident diet & nutrition expert.

An experienced therapist, currently working in the mental health sector and in private practice

Price : 1600 £

Max Availability : 20

Location : Cambridgeshire Essex Norfolk