It’s Ok to be OK

There are lots of posts out there saying that it is ‘Ok to not be ok’, and I totally support this. There are times when we simply aren’t feeling it and we shouldn’t need to hide it, or pretend otherwise. Being ok with saying how you are feeling is a necessary part of making changes, […]

Beginners Guide To Being Selfish

I don’t know about you, but I was brought up to be nice to people. It didn’t really matter if I liked them, or if they were not nice to me, being nice was what I was expected to be. It’s funny, but there isn’t really much guidance about to tell you what ‘being nice’ […]

Warning: I have no idea what I’m doing!

Welcome to my first ever personal blog and it’s true, I have no idea how to do this, so if you even get to read it I will be amazed. When I decided to write a blog I thought it would be quite easy, just open my keyboard and type. But you know, I’ve always […]

Breaking Bad Habits

Break bad habits with hypnotherapy   There are a number of bad habits people have that can be difficult to break. Whether it’s comfort eating, smoking or excessive drinking, these are things that people often try to deal with but may find it hard to do so on their own. This is where hypnotherapy can [...]

Hypnotherapy and men’s mental health

According to statistics by the Samaritans, there were 6213 suicides in the UK and the Republic of Ireland, with men three times more likely to commit suicide in the UK and four times more likely in the Republic of Ireland. While this is also the lowest rate in thirty years, it is still an alarmingly [...]

What you can do with a hypnotherapy qualification?

At Indigo Training, we offer a range of hypnotherapy courses. We believe in providing enough study time so you get the full benefit from the training we offer. But it is not unfair to ask- what can you do with a hypnotherapy qualification?   Offering better therapy You may already have a qualification in a [...]

A Hypnotherapy Case Study

Fear of hospitals and hospital treatment is a very common issue and the concerns can be due to pain, the unknown, panic, previous experiences and any number of other reasons.

The benefits of hypnotherapy

There are so many potential benefits to hypnotherapy that it is hard to create a list, but it has been found to help with things such as confidence, self esteem, resolving childhood issues that have been carried into adulthood, weight loss, fears, phobias, anxiety conditions, panic attacks, sports performance improvement, public speaking, birthing, pain, depression and so much more.

Why is hypnotherapy a good career?

If you want a career that lets you choose your own work hours, gives you an amazing sense of accomplishment, that can provide you with a good income and most importantly lets you help other people to improve their lives, then hypnotherapy could be the perfect choice for you.

Changing your life and the life of others through hypnotherapy

Working as a professional hypnotherapist can change your life in more ways than you might expect.