Welcome to your FREE life changing session.

Do you want to learn how to change your life, or the lives of others?

Or, are you interested in a new career that let’s you have:

  • A Great Work/Life Balance.
  • Where You Can Choose Your Own Hours.
  • Help Others.
  • And Earn A Good Living?

This taster session is 100% FREE and will introduce you to your conscious and subconscious mind, explain what stress anxiety are and how it affects your body and mind.


Hypnotherapy is an amazing technique that could help you achieve all of these and more.

You will learn how everyone has experienced hypnosis and how hypnotherapy can be used to make life changes differences to peoples lives. The session will be a good balance of theory, interaction and a practical demonstration from one of our qualified and experienced trainers. All of this will lead you to have a greater understanding of what happens when someone experiences the beneficial state of hypnosis.


Then we will give you an opportunity to learn what it is like to be a professional hypnotherapist.  How you can help others change their lives, create a flexible and rewarding career and have a job that offers you a real sense of satisfaction at the end of each day.

Is This For Me?

  • Anyone is welcome to attend*
  • You do not need any prior knowledge or experience
  • You do need to WANT to learn more and have a genuine interest in the subject
  • There is no obligation to sign up for further training with us
  • Male and female, young at heart, or filled with life experience, this session is open to you.
  • You must be over 18 to attend. If you have any psychological disorders (psychosis, schizophrenia, severe depression), severe learning difficulties or dementia we advise that you do not attend this session. If you have any other issue that you are unsure about, please speak to us and we will advise you.

What Will We Cover?

  • Understanding stress and anxiety
  • How your conscious and subconscious minds work together
  • An understanding of hypnosis
  • How, by hypnosis and hypnotherapy you can help people   change the way they think, feel and behave
  • How you could become your own boss, decide your own working hours and confidently earn £50+ per client session

And so much more…What do I have to lose?  NOTHING

Who is the training for?

We offer a Foundation Course and a Practitioner Course and both are open to people who want to change their careers, add new skills to their current knowledge and help others to change their lives.


The full 450 hour Hypnotherapy Diploma course leads to a professional qualification and could lead to the change in your life that you have been looking for.


We are so enthusiastic about hypnotherapy and our training that we are offering this FREE session so that you can find out about it, without any obligation.

Ready to book?


Please make sure that you provide a valid email address, as confirmation of your place will be emailed to you. As places are limited, please ensure that you can attend the venue and make the date and time you have chosen.